The Bonspiel II (2018)

Thank you to all of our guests and club members who came and competed as well as the volunteers who helped make The Bonspiel 2 – Rise of the Kracken, such the success that it was!

Here are pics of our winners and finalists:

A Event Champions – Oh No We Squidn’t, Blackstone Valley CC.






A Event Finalists – Stones of Fury, Blackstone Valley CC.






C Event Winners – Ain’t Kracken, Marlborough CC/Petersham.






C Event Finalists – Ocean State CC 2.






B Event Winners – Introverts United, Broomstones CC.






B Event Finalists – Krack is Wack, Marlborough CC/Potomac CC.






D Event Winners – Team Erwin, Ocean State CC.






D Event Finalists – 20,000 Leagues Under Sheet C, Broomstones CC.







Here is a collection of pics from day one:

Action from day two:

Action from day three:



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